Rural Broadband Infrastructure

We're currently serving the green region and have plans to expand to the yellow regions. In most cases, the neighborhoods within our coverage can communicate with our broadcast locations.

Behind the ROUTER
Meet our team
Leonardo Piñero-Pérez

Having a technical background in 5G telecommunications and control systems, Leo understands the problems and desires of the modern household. In addition to bringing fixed high-speed service to the Lower Blue Valley area and Middle Park, he's eager to help families and businesses with their technology needs. For more info, check out his personal website or LinkedIn.

Hannah Leeb

By listening to customers and understanding their perspectives, Hannah helps Arbor Mesh develop services that people in the community need the most. Her dedication to providing excellent customer experiences and building up underserved communities make her a valuable member of the team.

Network Engineering Consultant
Gavin Keiner

Owner of Technologic Consulting (founded 2009), Gavin is an Information Technology expert with many years of experience servicing businesses of many sizes and industries, both nationwide and within Summit County. He graduated with a degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering from University of Florida in Gainesville. He successfully uses his engineering background to guide his approach to providing technical solutions to business challenges, while leveraging many years of hands-on know-how.

Taylor Feuerbacher

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Low Latency
For effortless video calling
Lightning Fast
Unlimited Data